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Global guidelines for butterfly monitoring



The Butterfly International website is an innovative platform supporting a global network of butterfly experts.


The Butterfly International initiative is aimed to produce global guidelines for butterfly monitoring, which contain the latest key butterfly monitoring protocols. The synthesis of all butterfly monitoring schemes would create conditions for the development of a Global Butterfly Indicator. 


The team

Together we are 18 butterfly experts worldwide, one per country or territory, and growing. 

Get Involved

Get a free copy of the Global Butterfly Monitoring Guidelines. Download it for free! 




Latest Project

Download the Guidelines for Standardised Global Butterfly Monitoring!

Global Butterfly Indicator

By 2020 a Global Butterfly Indicator is developed, which is contributing to the provision of high quality and timely information to decision-makers, conservation organisations, and international conventions and treaties. Butterfly-International wishes to see a world where people and butterflies, together with other biodiversity, live in harmony and benefit each other. 

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